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Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio, Melissa Hughes was raised on a small rural farm. Growing up with horses, Melissa had decided from an early age to pursue a career as a horse trainer. As she attended a college equestrian program, it quickly became apparent to her that she was not cut out for the money oriented show horse environment. This led her to change direction and pursue her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies, with a minor in Fine Art, from Ohio University in 2011. While continuing her art studies by pursuing her Masters in Fine Art from The Academy of Art in San Francisco, Melissa is still actively involved in the equestrian world through training and Dressage competition. Melissa’s journey to discover a deeper understanding of horse training principles led her to focus on the elements of communication between horse and rider through her newest series of paintings, as well as in her photography.

Melissa uses a sensitive focus on the movement and balance between the horse and rider figures in her work in order to capture the combination of two figures melding into one. Her technique involves thoroughly studying her subjects in person, capturing countless candid references under natural conditions, and combining these elements together in the studio to create a true representation of subject. Melissa also regularly works on commissions and portraits, in both photography and oil paints, using her desire to capture the underlying personality and emotion of her subjects. Melissa’s works can be found in many private collections all over the United States, and have been exhibited in the Ohio Annual Show at the Zanesville Museum of Art, as well as in the Akron Art Prize in 2013, 2014, and 2015.